MADD Thanks Law Enforcement Officers during National Police Week

The week of May 12th is National Police Week, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving invites you to join us in thanking the law enforcement officers working all over America to protect our roadways. With their line of work, it’s hard to know how often officers truly get the thanks they deserve. So much of what they do is unseen, or sometimes even involves what may seem at the time like an inconvenience. But every ticket written and every call responded to is an effort to keep our towns and cities safe. For us.

In honor of Police Week 2019, MADD has created a Wall of Gratitude. We want to fill this space with words of gratitude for the people upholding the promise of that uniform every day of the year.

In our line of work at MADD, we welcome every opportunity to reflect on the good that people are capable of. There are so many ways that we serve each other. This week, we turn our gratitude specifically toward law enforcement officers, but make no mistake:

We see service all around. And we could not be more grateful for it.

We hope you will join us in making this week a week of thankfulness.


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