Still #1 Cause of death on our Roadways

The MissiOn

of Mothers Against Drunk Driving®️ (MADD) is to:


drunk driving


injuries per year


of fatally injured drivers tested positive for drugs


drugged driving


people killed in 2021


victims of these violent crimes


under 21 killed every year


underage drinking

The victims of drunk and drugged driving crashes are not statistics.

They are Mothers, Children, Spouses and Brothers.

Austin Lockwood

When it comes to sharing stories of people whose lives have been affected by drunk driving, nothing can convey the heartbreak more than the words of a mother who has...

Andrew McMorris

I walk on the pavement and feel the hard cement roll under my sole as I take each step. The air is warm with just a hint of a chill,...

John Michael Patrick Jr.

By Prisca Patrick I was supposed to die first. Not John Michael, my smart, gregarious older brother who was beloved by everybody. I was 15 months old when doctors diagnosed me with...

We are everywhere people are being hurt

MADD has state organizations, chapters, and community action teams across the country. Wherever there are victims, we are there to help them.

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To Get There

Dear MADD CommunityAs we celebrate the holiday season and the joy and togetherness that we hope to experience with those that we love, I feel compelled to address the alarming increase...

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MADD Rallies Against Rep. Massie’s Attempt to Block Impaired Driving Prevention Tech in All New Cars

10,100 Lives Would Be Saved When Advanced Auto Technology Standard Is Implemented WASHINGTON – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is outraged by a proposal by Rep....

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