MADD's Promposal

Will You Accept MADD's Promposal?

Prom is a special night one should always remember. Nothing will spoil that memory more than underage substance use, or worse, impaired driving. MADD’s Promposal is a free 30- to 45-minute classroom presentation for high school juniors and seniors ahead of prom, educating them on the dangers of underage substance use and impaired driving and empowering them with alternatives to ensure their prom is a night to always remember!

MADD's Promposal Presentation Features

Prom-themed presentation with lifesaving information about the dangers of alcohol, cannabis, and medications on the developing brain.

Real, impactful stories from victims and survivors of impaired driving crashes and underage substance consequences.

The opportunity to accept MADD’s Promposal by signing a poster to display at your school. Reminding students of their commitment to having a safe and substance-free prom night!

Why 21?

Did You Know Parents are the #1 Influence on their Child’s Decision to Drink Alcohol or use Cannabis?

Help them make sure they remember their prom night. 

Interested in hosting a MADD's Promposal presentation at your school or organization?

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