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When a Crash happens, and parents, brothers, sisters and spouses feel like their world has come to an end, you can be there. Every Single Day.

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"MADD was there for my family at the beginning," Michelle says. "A Victims Services Specialist showed up every step of the way support and information. Today, she is like a second mother to me."

Consistent support, advocacy and prevention are only possible thanks to monthly donors. When you give monthly, you become a Difference Maker: a committed, passionate support who saves lives all year long while walking beside courageous victims - victim like Michelle.

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A day of No More Victims® is within reach. Can you help us get there?


Your caring, consistent support will help end drunk and drugged driving for good.


Becoming a Difference Maker makes a difference in…

Victim Care

Supporting victims and survivors every way we can.

Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention

Steps we all can take today to stop impaired driving crashes tomorrow.


Fighting the drunk and drugged driving laws.

Underage Drinking

Preventing drunk driving crashes starts early.

There's no greater time to act then right now. Let's team up to save lives.