Honoring Light Love & Hope

MADD National Candlelight Tribute 2023


Each of these candles represents someone whose life has been taken or affected by drunk or drugged driving. These are siblings, sons, daughters, parents, partners and friends from across the country.

The candle in their name is proof of the light and love each person named here still brings to our world every day.

Please light a candle and share your story or your loved one’s story, a special poem, or a memory or thought that expresses what you would like to share. Every person is important, and MADD is together with you in remembering and honoring each life taken or injured by drunk and drugged driving crashes.

With 21 million risks on the road, we want to turn that number to zero and ensure that more people can get there for more moments with loved ones. ToGetThere - Together symbolizes decades of MADD’s work To Get Here today–having reduced drunk driving deaths by 50% since our founding in 1980–and what it will take ToGetThere–to a nation with no more victims from impaired driving.

As we look ahead to the future of MADD, we are closer than ever to a day when there will be No More Victims. Give the gift of safety today. As we remember, we also activate. If you want to participate in the pledge to be a part of the solution and encourage others to do the same, please visit our website and take the ToGetThere PLEDGE. We hope that with these changes, we will have cherished time together with a future of No More Victims. madd.org/togettherepledge

You are also welcome to join us at the MADD National Day of Remembrance on November 14th at 7:00pm central on the MADD Facebook page. If you would like to submit a photo for that event, you can do so here: madd.org/national-day-of-remembrance

If you are looking to create an online tribute that will be live all year round, please visit our Victim/Survivor Tributes and Memorials page found here: madd.org/tributesandmemorials.