Honoring the 67 Victims of the Deadliest Drunk Driving Crash in U.S. History

On May 14, 1988, a school bus carrying 67 people, nearly all of them children, was returning to Radcliff, Ky. from a church youth group field trip to an amusement park. While they were driving through Carroll County, Ky., a drunk driver driving on the wrong side of the road crashed into the bus head-on, killing 24 children, the bus driver, and two adult chaperones, and injuring 34 others.

As a part of the crash anniversary, MADD is partnering with the filmmakers behind a feature documentary film, IMPACT: AFTER THE CRASH, which tells some of the powerful stories of loss and healing through interviews with many of the crash survivors and victims’ family members. As part of our recognition of the victims – both those that died and the survivors – MADD is proud to offer an exclusive viewing of the movie. MADD viewers can watch the movie from today to May 24. Enter promo code “MADD2019” to watch the film here. The documentary can be accessed through Vimeo.com or Apple TV.

Additionally, we are dedicating our Instagram profile to the victims of the crash today. View the memorial here.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

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