Associate Director, Field Relations – National – Irving Texas


Responsible for the development and management of MADD Regional, State, and Affiliate entities and volunteers. Ensures the successful implementation of MADD’s strategic plan and the effective utilization of resources in mission based activities. Responsible for program and/or grant development and administration.


1. Assist with identifying and selection of talented and diverse staff and volunteers needed to effectively meet goals of assigned Regional, State and Affiliate offices, ensuring that the staff and volunteer demographics also reflect the demographics of the population served by the organization.


2. Identify and develop collaborative partnerships to strengthen MADD’s presence in the community.


3. Develop strategic capacity building plans to enable future growth through the training and development of staff and volunteers.


4. Partner with staff and volunteers to develop and design programs and initiatives targeted to achieve the goals and objectives of MADD’s strategic plan, including Victim Services, Programs and Public Policy initiatives.


5. Design, develop, implement and coordinate orientation and training programs for volunteers and employees.


6. Assist with researching and writing grants, ensuring that goals and objectives as designated in the program or grant are achieved. Monitor and evaluate the progress for improvement.


7. Assist with annual budget preparation, and ensure that appropriate amount of funding to run the entity is available at all times.


8. Oversee and/or handle the collection and data entry of grant and financial information into the database. Compile and submit monthly reports within required time frames.

9. Ensure compliance with MADD policies, procedures and regulations pertaining to the Affiliate’s operation.


10. Perform other duties as assigned.


1. Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent experience.


2. Two to three years experience developing, implementing and evaluating programs, writing and managing grants, and developing and managing volunteers and employees.


3. Ability to manage multiple projects and meet timelines and deadlines. Excellent communication, presentation and writing skills.


4. Good presentation/public speaking skills. Experience in training and facilitation preferred.


5. High proficiency level computer and MS office related products.


6. Travel and flexible hours are required.


Send resumes to: [email protected]

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