MADD National President: #MyDrunkDrivingStory

For Crime Victims’ Rights week, I was honored to sit with Jon, a drunk driving victim whose left leg was severed in a drunk driving crash. I’m glad to share this experience with you.

Jon Wenc, calls himself “a lucky man” for being alive after a horrific drunk driving crash cost him his left leg. And, I applaud his optimism and his choice to share his story with the rest of the world to help others. It took 23 years for Jon to be ready to tell his story, and when he was ready, we are glad he chose MADD as the platform to share it.

A big thanks to Jon for helping us expand the circle for all drunk driving victims.

You have a drunk driving story you would like to share? Please post your story this week, during Crime Victims’ Rights week on MADD’s Facebook page with the hashtag #MyDrunkDrivingStory.

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