Issues: Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Deaths and Overall Traffic Deaths Increase for Second Straight Year WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 6, 2017) — Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is calling on Congress to hold hearings to address the rising...

“It is absolutely gut-wrenching and heartbreaking that a bride-to-be, Kacy E. Merseal was killed in an alleged drunk driving crash months before her wedding. We are devastated for her family, friends and fiancé left behind to bear the pain of her death to this completely preventable and extremely violent crime. MADD will be here for Kacy’s loved ones and asks that the judicial system holds the alleged criminal fully accountable for his selfish and violent choices.”

“MADD is horrified and devastated that an alleged drunk driver took the lives of two innocent children, the children’s grandmother, and a good Samaritan driver near Los Angeles Friday. Our hearts go out to these victims’ families, including the children’s mother who is recovering from injuries sustained in the crash. MADD vows to be there for the victims of this crash. We will stand by them as they walk through this.”

“MADD is appalled and enraged that 12-year-old Shalynn Bobbitt was severely injured by an alleged drunk driver. We are especially appalled to learn that he not only had two prior convictions of OUI, but also allegedly left Miss Bobbitt alone with her injuries and fled the scene. It was a despicable, cowardly act and we ask that the court system hold the driver fully accountable.

Massachusetts desperately needs to pass a law requiring ignition interlocks for all drunk drivers this year to protect innocent people from tragedies caused by drunk driving and to prevent first offenders from becoming repeat offenders.”

In light of two recent live streamed crashes by alleged drunk drivers, one in California and then in Pennsylvania that resulted in deaths and injuries, Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) launched a petition from August 1 to August 31 asking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to adopt a policy against posting images, videos and other content that brag about drunk driving. The petition went live at