Why We Walk: The Apodaca Family

On September 26, 2014, what seemed like a normal Friday night, the Apodaca family was changed forever. Anthony, Alyssa, and their children Uriah and Shala were hit by a drunk driver. The family sustained numerous injuries. Alyssa was pregnant at the time and lost the baby.

Due to the trauma of the crash, Alyssa had to be induced. Exactly thirty-six hours after the crash, the Apodaca family paid the ultimate price for this drunk driver’s choice. They lost Messiah Emilio Apodaca, their baby, who had his father’s lips and looked just like his big sister.

Uriah and Shala were looking forward to baby Messiah’s arrival and being able to hold him. Unfortunately, Uriah was never able to hold his baby brother. The family will never know their baby. They will never know the man he would have grown up to be or the accomplishments he would have achieved. The Apodaca family was later blessed with a beautiful baby girl Maddie, a baby chosen just for them by Messiah.

The Apodaca family and grandparents have participated in Walk Like MADD for the past three years through their team, Messiah’s Memory. They walk to remember baby Messiah and continues to honor him.

Register for the Albuquerque Walk Like MADD here.


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