Why We Walk: Impaired Wrong Way Crashes

The 2019 Walk Like MADD Tampa presented by Burnetti, PA is dedicated to the victims of wrong way impaired driving crashes in Tampa Bay.

To some, the wrong way crash is a” buzz term” used by the local media in the aftermath of a crash where a vehicle has entered a highway going the wrong direction. The vehicle then collides head on with an oncoming vehicle, where the victim vehicle has little to no time to react. We listen to the news as the details unfold and most of the time, we shake our heads and go about our day. Sadly, learning that the wrong way driver was impaired on alcohol or drugs, is of little surprise to anyone.

However, this isn’t a “buzz word” or “media epidemic” to us. These are our friends and family who, without any wrong doing on their part, lost their life or suffered lifelong injuries at the hands of an impaired driver. People are gone in an instant and lives are changed forever because of the negligence of another operating a motor vehicle impaired.

Tampa Bay leads the state of Florida in impairment related fatalities and injuries, regardless of how the crash happens. We all share a part in the solution. Please designate a driver and never operate a motor vehicle after drinking or using drugs. Period.

Please help us remember and honor these victims of wrong way impaired crashes within our community by walking with us to eliminate impaired driving on March 22, 2019!

Head to walklikemadd.org/tampa to make a difference today!

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