We love our law enforcement heroes

As we move into February, the month of love, let’s not forget those who, day in and day out, are watchful and patient in an effort to help keep us safe – our Law Enforcement heroes. We know, without their constant vigilance and presence, our mission of No More Victims would be a frivolous ideal.

When Kim Morris, MADD National VP of Programs was a young mother, she saw two officers dining at a restaurant near the town she grew up in. She quickly realized she knew one of those officers. Kim first knew him as a boy who climbed trees with her brother in the back yard. After her meal they met the officers outside as we were leaving and chatted.  She introduced her then young daughter to him as a police man, and friend. If she was ever in trouble, she told her daughter, and saw someone in a similar uniform, she could ask them for help…they were the good guys. The officer said something to Kim then that has stuck with still.  He thanked Kim for telling her child that officers could help. He feared that some children may not reach out when in danger, for fear.

As adults, we tend to react to seeing police on the roads in the same manner.  We hope they don’t see us! Even when we are doing nothing wrong. The next time you pass an officer on the street, do not fear them.  Be thankful they are there.  Mention this to your children and loved ones. As part of MADD’s Campaign To Eliminate Drunk Driving, high visibility law enforcement discourages people from making bad choices. Those officers you pass are there to protect you, and they are doing dangerous work. So far this year we have already lost 10 officers in the line of duty, in January alone.  We lost 150 last year and almost 1,600 in the past five years.

So as we navigate this month of love, show your local heroes some love too. Wave at them on the road, thank them in the streets, and be thankful they are there keeping drunk and drugged drivers at bay.  With their help, No More Victims is not an ideal, it is a reasonable goal.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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