Making My Mom Proud

Do you try to make your mom proud?

I do.

Every morning, I move my bowl to the sink like she taught me. At school, I pay attention to my teachers, because she said education was important. And at night, I say my prayers, remembering to be grateful for all I have.

I think I make my mom, Kelly Tisdale, proud…but I don’t know for sure. A drugged driver killed her as she crossed the street five years ago when I was eight years old. So, I am doing something I KNOW she would be proud of me for – I am asking you to honor all moms by giving to Mothers Against Drunk Driving today.

I always imagined being an adult meant making good decisions. How could an adult decide it was okay to drive after taking drugs? How could the offender drive off after hitting my mom? How was I supposed to keep living without her?

Grandma says Mothers Against Drunk Driving® stepped in to help her understand and prepare for the court case. She says they helped her find someone for me to talk to about my mom. They helped us keep going. That’s why I am hoping you will make a donation today.

When your mom is killed, you need someone like MADD to be there for you. They have helped nearly one million victims and survivors like me at no charge. I want them to be there for the next scared little boy.

My name is Joshua, and I am 14 years old. A drugged driver stole my mom from me. We need our moms.Please give to MADD today.


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