Partners in preventing crime

The recent 2017 Mid-Atlantic DUI Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia provided a wealth of information about all aspects of drunk and drugged driving to more than 300 attendees. John Marshall, the Director of the Office of Safety Programs with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched the 3-day conference with his keynote address on “The Road to Zero”, eliminating all traffic fatalities.

I also had the opportunity to speak to the attendees about Mothers Against Drunk Driving and its continuing Campaign to Eliminate Drunk and Drugged Driving.  My focus was on our support of law enforcement and what they do each day to make our roads safe.

Speakers at the conference covered a variety of important topics including Ignition Interlock Devices, sobriety checkpoints, oral fluid testing, the emerging technology of the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety, the Drug Recognition Expert program and many other topics. Even the DADSS car made an appearance for all to see and experience.  This advance technology may be the game changer in reducing drunk driving fatalities.  I will be one of the first to purchase one of these vehicles the minute they hit the market!

As someone who lost a child in a crash caused by a drunk and drugged driver, I was encouraged to see so many people devoting so much of their time and talent toward achieving the goal of NO MORE VICTIMS.

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