Why We Walk – Scott McGuire

My wonderful twin brother, Scott McGuire, was a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in New Orleans. His dreams were shattered the morning of January 15, 2016, when he was on the sidewalk and was hit by a drunk driver. It was a hit-and-run and Scott died nine days later.

Scott was a wonderful husband, father, son, brother, and friend. He and his wife had been together 20 years and were soulmates. Scott loved their five year old son, Finn, so much. He was a hands-on dad and taught Finn something new every day – how to read, kick a football, ride a bike, etc. They went to Mardi Gras parades together, had boys’ days, rode the streetcar, wrestled, and had a blast. They were best buddies.

Whenever Scott’s family and friends needed him, he was there in a heartbeat. Scott was as selfless in life as he was in death; he was an organ donor who saved many lives.

Scott’s family and friends are honoring his memory by participating in the New Orleans Walk Like MADD 2019 event. We encourage you to create your own Walk team or join “Finn’s Family & Friends” to help us raise awareness and to support families like ours.

Let’s walk together to create a future of No More Victims!


Kelley Dair

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