To Get There

Dear MADD Community

As we celebrate the holiday season and the joy and togetherness that we hope to experience with those that we love, I feel compelled to address the alarming increase of impaired driving incidents, especially during this time of year.

While the holiday season often brings joy, celebration, and a spirit of togetherness, the confluence of holiday parties and festive gatherings, combined with the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can also lead to more drunk drivers on the road. Every day there are 347,000 incidents of drunk driving and from November 1 through December 31, there will be 21 million chances you or a loved one may encounter a drunk driver.”

In response, MADD is redoubling our efforts to combat drunk and drugged driving. In November we launched ToGetThere a campaign that mobilizes our community to take the pledge to get there safely this holiday season – and to help others get there safely, too. ToGetThere symbolizes decades of MADD’s work To Get Here today – having reduced drunk driving deaths by 50% since our founding in 1980 – and what it will take ToGetThere – to a world with no more victims from drunk and drugged driving – together. You can take part in this new initiative, supported by our partners Waymo, UKG and SobrSafe, by donating to support MADD’s lifesaving work, signing the pledge ToGetThere safely at and sharing your commitment on social with #ToGetThere. We hope to see our supporters’ social feeds filled with messages of solidarity to get there safely in the hope that we can ensure others will be able to enjoy their holiday season. We also offer safe party tips, tips on how to speak to someone who is impaired and may want to drive, and a toolkit for companies who want to integrate the campaign into their holiday gatherings. Watch our powerful new video and hear directly from the voices of victims and survivors on what they wish they had known before losing a loved one in an impaired driving crash.

I firmly believe that the most powerful weapon in our fight against drunk and drugged driving is the collective will of our society. We must all take a stand and make responsible choices to protect ourselves and those around us. We can only truly overcome the scourge of impaired driving if we all work ToGetThere, together. This holiday season let’s make it our collective goal to ensure that every celebration ends safely. Together, we can save lives and create safer communities for everyone.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our mission.


Stacey D. Stewart

CEO, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)


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