Be A Responsible Host

We’re so thrilled that you want to prevent drunk and drugged driving crashes. This year you can help during the most dangerous time of the year by hosting a safe holiday gathering. Below you will find some helpful tips to ensure your guests have a great time and make it home safe.

Tips for hosting a safe holiday gathering

Confirm that guests have a safe way home

As guests RSVP, confirm that they have a plan for a safe way home via a non-drinking designated driver, such as a friend, rideshare service like Uber or Lyft or public transportation.

Consider guests who don’t drink alcohol

Plan activities like party games or door prizes that do not involve alcohol.

Offer fun, non-alcoholic beverage options

Create a hot cocoa bar, a custom coffee bar set up or build your own ice cream soda option.

Provide food

Having plenty of food will help keep your guests from drinking on an empty stomach.

Create a themed “mocktail”

Mocktails are a fun alternative that provides the same taste of traditional cocktails without the effects of alcohol for your non-drinking designated drivers and others who prefer not to drink.

Never serve alcohol to someone under 21

And never ask anyone under 21 to serve alcohol at parties.

Remember: only time sobers a person up

That means you may need to offer the sofa or guest room to party goers who should stay put for the night.

Have fun!

As the thoughtful and responsible host that you are, have fun – but not too much fun. Stay within your limits to make sure your guests stay within theirs.