The support law enforcement needs

A quick Google search demonstrates why we are asking you to make a donation in honor of a law enforcement officer today:

  • Oregon deputies pulled an unconscious man, who was later cited with DUII from a burning car after the driver with a BAC of 0.23 crashed into a pole.
  • Law enforcement officers came to the rescue of an 11-year-old boy who called 911 in fear for his life when his mother allegedly made the choice to drive drunk.
  • Massachusetts police pulled over a driver with nine previous drunk driving convictions and a lifetime license suspension — before he could kill someone!

Those articles, all published this month, highlight the role law enforcement officers play in keeping the more than 300,000 combined drunk driving deaths and injuries from drunk driving from skyrocketing even higher! They are giving their time, their talent and, far too often, their lives to keep us safe. Will you help make their enourmouse undertaking less difficult?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving® understands that supporting law enforcement is one of the core tenants of our mission to end drunk driving. That’s why we work year round to provide them with victim and death notification training, honor their achievements and advocate to equip them with tools like warrantless blood draws and sobriety checkpoints.

Their jobs aren’t getting any easier.But if you can make even a small gift, we can let the men and women in blue know that we appreciate their efforts. Of course, you can say no. The officers will continue their dedication and protect your family.

Together, we can make their sacrifices (and, let’s be honest, the sacrifices their families make) worthwhile.

Heroes Behidn the Headlines



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