MADD’s Newest Chapter: Maine

Maine is MADD’s newest chapter thanks to the tremendous efforts of Nicole Hutchinson and her group of dedicated volunteers.  Twenty-one years ago, Nicole’s sister Darcie was killed by a drunk driver and ever since, Nicole has worked to create something positive out of the tragedy.

Last year, she held her first Walk Like MADD event in Houlton, ME, the small town where she and her family lived… a town so far north and east, you can literally see Canada from there.  She held her second Walk Like MADD event at the end of August, and just like the year before, the goal was exceeded.  Despite a rainy day, the walkers came.  So did the radio station and the newspaper… and the support.

Nicole’s efforts have encouraged MADD to create a chapter in Maine. Nicole has been named the Chapter Leader for the state of Maine.  And plans are already underway to expand to an event in Portland next year.

I’ve had the pleasure to attend each of the Walks in Maine and talk to all of the volunteers and friends.  I’m so proud of what Nicole has accomplished and so excited for Maine as we all work together toward a day when there are NO MORE VICTIMS®.


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