Spring Giving Day

As we leave another winter behind and welcome the arrival of sunny days and blossoms, the Mothers Against Drunk Driving is preparing a campaign of hope.

Spring Giving Day falls on May 10th, and our aim this year is to spread ripples of hope as far and wide as possible – the hope that comes from a caring and trained voice at the other end of an emergency hotline; the hope that comes from a teddy bear placed by a police officer into the arms of a child needing comfort; the hope that comes from a guiding presence while navigating the ins and outs of the judicial system.

And the hope that comes from imagining a future of No More Victims®.

This hope will be spread as people throughout the nation use their own inboxes, social media platforms and voices to get the word out about Spring Giving Day. It will be spread as we welcome new donors on May 10th, and as we thank returning givers.

The work we do at MADD, from staff to volunteers, often surrounds the coldest, darkest times in a victim’s life. We want to use this spring to celebrate the warmth and light that we know this work can provide, and that we have seen victims shine out to the world.

Hope creates more hope.

Join us on Spring Giving Day, and embrace the gift of hope.

If you use Facebook, please consider starting your own fundraiser for MADD on the platform to help us spread the gift of hope. Click here to learn how!

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