Police Week

Following Spring Giving Day and Mother’s Day, we find ourselves in National Police Week. President Kennedy first set aside these 7 days in 1962 to honor law enforcement officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

There will be a memorial service and events all week at our nation’s capital, providing a unique opportunity for law enforcement officers from across America to converge – to support one another, and to be supported.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has a distinctive and important relationship with law enforcement. These officers are on the ground, every day and in every pocket of our country, doing the immediate, hands-on work of keeping our roads safe and free of drunk and drugged drivers. They are a crucial component of what we do, and we want to do our part, too, to make sure they are supported in this work.

Perhaps more importantly, we want to take this opportunity to thank the brave, skilled and generous people who are dedicating their lives to keeping every American safe.

For every impaired driver who was caught before a tragedy could occur…

For every adult or child who was comforted by an officer on the scene…

For every day spent at the ready, and for so much more.

Thank you.

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