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First candlelight vigil

MADD holds its first candlelight vigil in California, which catches fire among chapters nationwide to honor victims. Culturally vigils have been and continue to be an important way to visually show the impact of drunk driving and provide victims an opportunity to gather and connect.

Candace Lightner

Cari’s mother, Candace Lightner, carried her daughter’s photo with her as she worked tirelessly to change drunk driving laws in California to try and make sense of a senseless act and turn her pain into purpose. To this day, MADD holds photos of victims and survivors to put a face on the problem and share… Continue reading Candace Lightner

Cari Lightner

13-year-old softball all-star Cari Lightner was killed May 3, 1980 in Fair Oaks, California. She and a friend were walking to a church carnival and at the same time, a three-time repeat offender, out of jail just two days from a 4th DUI arrest, was barreling down the road. He hit Cari from behind, throwing… Continue reading Cari Lightner