NABCA & MADD share vital videos during 100 deadly days

Summertime, more than other times presents a unique challenge to parents — keeping our kids safe on the roads despite an uptick in teen driving deaths. That’s what earned the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day the nickname “100 Deadly Days.” And it’s one of the reasons we focus on prevention during the summer.

Far too often, teens have this sense of invulnerability and parents don’t think they won’t listen to important conversations, like not drinking underage. But the data proves otherwise. Teens will listen to parents if parents bring up the conversation consistently and in a way that makes kids listen.

But how does that conversation begin?

That’s the real question. So, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association worked together to produce several videos featuring Dr. Robert Turrisi, a professor of Biobeahvioral Health & Prevention Research at Pennsylvania State University. He breaks down why we need to talk with your kids, provides tips for starting (and continuing) the conversation and how our parenting styles may impact if the kids listen.

These short videos break down some complex topics into bite-sized bites that provide parents with an overview and starting point.

MADD’s Power of Parents® program serves as the foundation for the videos. We encourage all parents to sign up to receive the full booklets for free.

Watch now

The videos cover topics including:

  • Why talk about alcohol?
  • The difference between child, teen and adult brains
  • What is blacking out?
  • The consequences of mixing alcohol with other drugs
  • How early should you talk to your child?


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

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