A match that made a difference

Thank you so very much, for your generous donation to Mothers Against Drunk Driving®.

We cannot tell you what it means to us — as an organization started by someone who was recognized as a victim, advocate, volunteer and, most importantly, mother  — that you have committed your support to MADD during December.

Nationwide® offered to match all gifts made in December until Dec. 17th.

And people responded. Some with small donations. Some with large. Some with gifts of time and talent.

So, Nationwide kicked it up a notch, offering to extend the dollar-for-dollar match through the end of 2017.

Our goal was to raise $200,000. But there were challenges in the way. Many organizations were competing for end-of-year dollars. Potential changes to the tax code were likely at the time. And drunk and drugged driving and underage drinking shared the crowded stage with many, many important issues, especially for a year crowded with mass shootings and hurricanes.

But supporters responded. Nearly 4,000 people came together to help us reach our goal.

And we cannot say thank you enough.

But let us try.

Your gift means that anytime a victim calls night or day, MADD can and will take the call.

Your gift means that when a judge hands down a slap on the wrist instead of justice, we notice — and we work to change the system.

Your gift means when a lawmaker waffles on whether drunk driving laws are REALLY necessary, advocates are there to insist, “YES, these laws are lifesaving.”

Challenges ahead

Without a doubt, we have challenges in front of us. Drunk driving deaths have risen for two straight years. Victims and survivors may find it more difficult to access funds due to federal budget changes. Drugged driving continues to be a growing problem.

But you and people like you have made it possible to move the mission forward.

We look forward to utilizing your gifts with transparency, integrity and with an eye on stretching every dollar to ensure it does as much good as possible.

Thank you for spreading hope, help and healing this season.


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