Joshua Jahn’s Fight Against Drunk Driving

Today, I’m going to ask you to donate to MADD to help me remember my wife, Mandy. Together, we can end tragedies like this. But first, I want you to get to know her.

We met in the eighth grade… after lunch on a Wednesday… I was wearing what I would start to call my lucky shirt. And I swear, Mandy had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. I had the honor of looking into those eyes for years, including a beautiful stretch of almost a decade when I proudly called her my wife.

Then, three weeks before Thanksgiving, a woman drank at a bar for six hours before staggering to her car, putting the keys into the ignition, and speeding away. Because of this driver, my blue-eyed high school sweetheart died after being ejected from her car and tossed in a corn field.

Later, I returned to that field to make a vow to Mandy. I told her that I would do everything I possibly could to bring as much meaning to her death as she brought to my life.

All I have is her story, and I’m hoping you can help me make it count. And now, we are back where we began.

I’m asking you to donate to MADD today – for Mandy and all victims of drunk and drugged driving. Together, we can ensure a future of No More Victims®.

Drunk driving remains the number one cause of death on our roadways. Quite simply, the need is not over. But hope is on the horizon. Your generous gift means that when victims like myself need help, you will be there. When politicians need to understand the importance of in-car breathalyzers for all offenders, you can be that voice. Even now, advances in technology are being made to ensure that one day, no one can drive impaired. And, it’s due in part to your support.

I know that if she was alive today, Mandy would look you in the eyes and personally thank you. But since she can’t, I will do so on her behalf.

Thank you,

Joshua Jahn

The holidays aren’t a time that you expect to lose a love one. Heart-breakingly, my blue-eyed wife wasn’t the only one killed by a repeat drunk driver – at a time when most families draw closer. That repeat drunk driver also took our precious little boy, Ryan.

Will you give today so that we can work to keep families from having empty seats at future holidays?

One of my most precious memories of my son Ryan is how he looked up to me. He always talked about how proud he was of me and how he wanted to be a firefighter just like dad. When I held his hand for the last time, I whispered, “You will always be my hero.”

But, I know Ryan would want you to be a hero too. Will you stand up for Ryan and all the victims of drunk and drugged driving by donating to support victims, advocate for change, and support research into advanced vehicle technology?

With nearly 11,000 people killed last year, we have plenty of work to do. That’s why we want to raise $300,000 by the end of the year to fund our life saving mission in the new year.

When Ryan died, I didn’t stop being a father. Now, I find solace fighting drunk driving in his memory. And, in honor of him, I won’t stop until we end this 100% preventable crime.

Thank you for joining me,

Joshua Jahn

Remember me? Remember my wife Mandy and my son Ryan who were both killed by a drunk driver? I’m afraid the story isn’t over. They weren’t the only ones taken away from me during the holidays.

Will you give today so that we can prevent other families from having holiday tragedies like mine?.

The loss of my 11-month-old, Kaitlyn will always be one of the hardest.

You probably already know that at the end of this blog I’m going to ask you to join with me – join me in fighting to end drunk driving at all costs. But, first let me tell you about Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn was that perfect baby any parent could want. Childcare volunteers at church used to fight over the opportunity to watch her. And she was so inquisitive for her age! In the aftermath of the crash, when the doctors asked for permission to stop resuscitation efforts, I whispered to her, “I am sorry I couldn’t protect you.”

But maybe, just maybe, you and I could protect someone else – maybe we could prevent someone else from becoming a drunk driving victim. There is no defense against drunk driving, but there is a way to stop it.

My greatest regret is the future that the repeat offender stole from me. I will never experience the pride of introducing my family to a stranger or of watching Kaitlyn graduate or toasting at Ryan’s wedding. These future moments, the common and uncommon ones, that’s what I will forever miss. That’s why I will always fight toward a future I can make happen – a future of No More Victims®.

Will you fight with me?

With nearly 11,000 people killed last year, there is still so much to do. That’s why we want to raise $300,000 by the end of the year to fight for a future of No More Victims® in the new year.

I didn’t get the opportunity to really know my daughter well, but I know she would be proud of the work I do in her name.

Join my mission,

Joshua Jahn

You may remember me and my story – the story of my family who were ripped from my life just weeks before Christmas. The best Christmas I ever had was the Christmas of 2007, the Christmas before the crash.

Will you give today so that we can work to prevent more families from missing people during the holidays?.

Kaitlyn was just a couple months old, but my family was whole… my family was complete. I was so protective of our sweet baby Kaitlyn. I would run outside to warm the car if we had to go out.

That perfect Christmas was beautiful. I was so protective of sweet baby Kaitlyn. I’d run outside to warm the car if she had to go out. Mandy and I stayed up until 3 a.m. putting together Ryan’s new train set. I can still remember him jumping for joy while his sister looked on, confused about all the yelling over a box.

That perfect Christmas was beautiful. I would have never imagined next year’s holidays being so different, and that my home would be so empty.

Now, I am asking you for a different type of present – one you don’t have to wrap, but one that will mean just as much to me as that train set meant to Ryan. Will you donate today in honor of every family missing a loved one?

To support next year’s efforts (and there is plenty to do!) we need to raise $300,000 by Dec. 31st – and we are almost there!

Fight with me,

Joshua Jahn


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