Chipping away at drunk driving

What Do Chips Have to Do With Preventing Drunk Driving?

Everything! MADD, Tostitos and UBER are teaming up to remove 25,000 potential drunk drivers from the roads on Super Bowl Sunday!

If you think about it, the average adult football fan will be watching the Big Game with a chip in one hand and an alcoholic drink in the other. But how do we make sure everyone gets home safely?

Fans have a new way to “Party Safe”  thanks to Tostitos providing a safe ride home via Uber. By simply entering a Tostitos Tortilla Chips UPC code into the Uber app, fans nationwide can receive $10 off their ride on February 5th.

Regardless of what team wins the biggest football game of the year, MADD wants everyone to win by having roads free of drunk drivers. In 2015 nearly half of all traffic fatalities were caused by drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday — compared to 28 drunk driving deaths on an “average” day. Every death an injury is 100% preventable every time!

Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans Tight End lost two of his biggest fans, his aunt Peaches and uncle Bryan, who were killed by a drunk driver on their way home after watching him play in Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. Following this tragedy, Delanie partnered with MADD to help people stay safe on the roads during football season and all year round.

“Having a good time and being safe go hand in hand,” says Delanie, a MADD volunteer. “Losing the Super Bowl is nothing compared to the real heartbreaking loss I suffered that night.”

That’s why MADD and Delanie are asking everyone to:
•    Plan ahead and designate a non-drinking driver if your plans include alcohol.
•    Take the MADD pledge to Party Safe on Super Bowl Sunday.
•    Check out how to get $10 off your Uber ride one Sunday, Feb. 5th (only available for use 2/5/17; while supplies last).

Everybody wins when everybody plans ahead to party safe!


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