Why “adopt” Laura?

I listen to people who feel unheard. I stand with victims who too often realize that it’s called the “criminal” justice system, not the “victim” justice system.

But, mostly, I simply help victims realize they aren’t alone.

That’s what I did for Judy, whose daughter was killed by Dylan Meyers, a repeat offender who blatantly laughed off the court’s slap on the wrist. As we sat in court together, Judy said, “Just the fact that you are sitting here next to me tells me I don’t have to do this by myself.”

Judy isn’t alone.

This year, we are aiming to activate 51,000 new and previous supporters, and we hope you will join us. If you do, I’ll send you quarterly email updates letting you know how your gift is making a real difference in victims’ lives.

Between more than 10,000 killed and 295,000 injured in drunk and drugged driving crashes, there are more than 305,000 victims a year in need of our help. That’s 35 people per hour.

Making a $35 membership gift today will ensure we can continue traveling to be at victims’ side at court hearings and answer their calls to our 24/7 Victim Help Line.

If you have already given to the campaign through the mail, thank you so very much. Truly, I am touched by your generosity.

I am not just an advocate. I am a victim of drunk driving, too.

Sometimes, the mission to end drunk driving can seem overwhelming, but I am here to tell you with absolute certainty – we are making a difference!

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