Teach Your Little Ones 5 Tips for Rider Safety

It’s back to school season again. Your kids will probably take a lot of rides to different places. They’ll go to school, the babysitter, field trips and other afterschool activities. They may be riding with more drivers than just their parents and guardians. Now is a good time to talk to them about their safety when riding with other people. MADD has some tips to help you ensure your children are prepared to be a safe rider.

Sit in the Back Seat

Small children should sit in the back seat of a vehicle, preferably in the middle seat. It’s the safest place for them to sit.

Buckle Up… Every Ride, No Excuses

Your children need to know seatbelts are mandatory. Every time they ride in a car, they need to buckle up immediately. Lead by example. Child restraint use drops by 40% when parents ride without their seatbelts.

Put Books, Bags and Toys on the Floor

Loose items in the car are safety hazards. They can become dangerous flying objects in a crash. The best place for books, bags and toys are in the trunk. If that’s not an option, the floor is the next best place.

Don’t Distract the Driver

Small children need to know that talking to drivers distracts them. When they are passengers in a vehicle, children should avoid talking to the driver. They should keep their voices low and never horseplay our shout.

When the Ride is Over, Tell an Adult About Your Unsafe Ride

Everyone is accountable for their own in-car behaviors, including drivers. Teach your kids to recognize unsafe driver behavior and report it. If they see their driver running red lights, texting, or drinking and driving, they need to tell you immediately. They should know what types of behaviors are unsafe so they can make you aware.

Like Stranger Danger, teach your kids to be Safe Riders.

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