Support MADD for #GivingTuesday

Today, like every single day of the year, roughly 29 people will die from drunk driving in this country.

Others will be injured. Some will become caregivers to survivors, while others still will simply be introduced to the loss and devastation that drunk and drugged driving inflicts when it kills or injuries a loved one.But today, we also have an opportunity — an opportunity for healing…an opportunity for helping…and an opportunity to save lives with TWICE the power.

Unleash  the Power of Giving Tuesday

For Giving Tuesday, we’ve had an anonymous donor step up with a challenge to raise $29,000 to represent the people who will be killed by this 100% preventable crime today. If we can band together and make this goal, this person will match every donation dollar for dollar.

Just how much of a difference can you make?

  • $29 DOUBLED to $58 will mean someone picks up the phone on the 24/7 National Victim Help Line for roughly three days.
  • $50 DOUBLED to $100 puts more than 100 court monitors in place to ensure judges and prosecutors know we ARE watching.
  • $100 DOUBLED to $200 puts boots on the ground to show politicians that voters demand lifesaving laws.

Drunk and drugged driving doesn’t have to happen. Today, we can prevent the crashes of tomorrow and support the victims and survivors of this violent crime.

In addition to our lead donor, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is DOUBLING all gifts made through a Facebook fundraiser today.


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