Officer of the Month – September 2023

Deputy Joseph Baroch

September 2023 Officer of the Month
Deputy Joseph Baroch
Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia

MADD proudly recognizes Deputy Joseph Baroch of the Rockingham County, Virginia Sheriff’s Office as our Officer of the Month for September 2023.  Deputy Baroch has been a member of the Sheriff’s Office for eight years.

Captain Chris Danner, the commander of the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, advises that Deputy Baroch frequently volunteers to work overtime DUI/DUID enforcement.  Since attaining his Drug Recognition Expert certification in 2022, Deputy Baroch has made himself available to assist other deputies with DUID cases, even if he is off duty.  Additionally, he is on the Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit, which works mostly dayshift, but Baroch still manages to lead the department in DUI arrests consistently each year. “He has a true passion for impaired driving enforcement” says Captain Danner.

Deputy Baroch has won MADD’s Officer of the Year award for the most DUI arrests within his agency seven times.  He has 122 DUI arrests during those seven years.

MADD is proud to recognize Deputy Joseph Baroch as the MADD September 2023 Officer of the Month.  We thank him for his dedicated service to the citizens of Rockingham County and the State of Virginia.  We wish him the best in safety and wellness in the remaining years of his career and service.


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