Officer of the Month – October 2023

Chief Jonathan Flores

October 2023 Officer of the Month
Chief Jonathan Flores
City Manager Parr, Texas

MADD proudly recognizes Chief Jonathn Flores, retired, formally of the Alton, Texas Police Department, as our Officer of the Month for October 2023. Chief Flores currently is the City Manager in Pharr, Texas where he continues to support MADD. He was the chief in Alton for 5 years and has been in law enforcement for 22 years.

Chief Flores has always been a MADD supporter. He hosted the last in-person MADD Victim Walk/Picnic (pre-pandemic) and is always ready, willing and able to lend a hand with anything MADD needs. He was instrumental in securing a facility in his city for MADD to hold the Victim Impact Panels free of charge. Additionally, his department/officers participate in Victim Impact Panels and any other projects MADD needs. He and his department are heavily involved in DWI prevention and education.

Dr. Jonathan B. Flores was inducted into the National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame. He received the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his exceptional service throughout his career. Chief Flores has been a progressive and innovative Police Chief during his time in Alton, growing his partnerships with the community and surrounding agencies. He has a passion for growth and continues to strive for excellence. This award appropriately demonstrates the dedication that Chief Flores has conveyed to his community. This momentous occasion truly reflects the accomplishments that accompany hard work and perseverance.

Chief Flores has also been recognized previously at the TxDot Take the Wheel Law Enforcement Recognition Banquet. He has also been recognized by other organizations for his excellent leadership and innovative policing policies.

MADD is proud to recognize Chief Jonathon Flores as the MADD October 2023 Officer of the Month. We thank him for his dedicated service to the citizens of the State of Texas. We wish him the best in safety and wellness in the remaining years of his career and service.


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