Officer of the Month – August 2023

Officer Edward Campbell
Officer Edward Campbell

August 2023 Officer of the Month
officer edward campbell
tallahassee, florida police department

MADD proudly recognizes Officer Edward Campbell of the Tallahassee, Florida Police Department as our Officer of the Month for August 2023. Officer Campbell has been a member of the Tallahassee Police Department for almost 3 years. Prior to his time at Tallahassee, he served for 1 ½ years with the Gadsden County, Florida Sheriff’s Office giving him 4 ½ years of total service.

Officer Campbell has been instrumental with Florida’s legislative priorities this year, specifically their DUI refusal bills; HB 197 and SB 296. He has shared with House and Senate committee members that he has pulled people over for driving under the influence and found out that many are also driving without a valid driver’s license due to prior convictions.

Officer Campbell also shares he is a victim/survivor of a DUI crash. In December of 2019, while a member of the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office, he was driving home from work late at night when an impaired driver hit his patrol vehicle ejecting him onto the road. He endured several surgeries and months of rehab. After 8 months of determination and dedication to his recovery, Officer Campbell returned to full duty.

Deputy Edward Campbell
Officer Campbell is a speaker at Tallahassee’s MADD Victim Impact Panels and has also attended Walk Like MADD events. He and his wife, Ruthann, agreed to share their story for a victim/survivor video series that MADD Northwest Florida produced, and it was very impactful.

MADD thanks Officer Campbell for his partnership and his passion to end impaired driving. Being a victim of impaired driving and his law enforcement background makes him uniquely qualified as a police officer to fight all impaired driving.

MADD is proud to recognize Officer Edward Campbell as the MADD August 2023 Officer of the Month. We thank him for his dedicated service to the citizens of Tallahassee and the State of Florida. We wish him the best in safety and wellness in the remaining years of his career and service.


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