NEWS ALERT: School bus driver fired after DUI crash


MADD is alarmed and outraged that someone entrusted with driving children was allegedly drunk when he crashed a school bus. Thankfully, no students were on the bus at the time of the crash and no one was injured. However, that is not always the case when someone chooses to recklessly put lives at risk by drinking and driving. MADD expects anyone who drives while impaired – especially with children in the vehicle – to be held accountable for their actions and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The Facts:

The Hoover City School Board in Alabama has voted to fire a school bus driver who was charged with a DUI after crashing a bus, as reported at

No children were on the bus at the time.

It was determined by troopers that the driver of the bus was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

Authorities say Pierce’s Blood Alcohol Content was .15, which is almost four times the legal limit

What You Can Do:

Ask you legislators to pass laws that create enhanced penatlites for driving impaired with a child.


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