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Erin Rollins

Erin Rollins is a survivor or a wrong-way drunk driver in 2014. As a result of the crash, she sustained a lower spinal cord injury and other life-threatening injuries. She is now a “walking paraplegic” after years of rehab and surgeries. Erin’s motto has always been to not accept “no” for an answer, but to always seek for more recovery. She has a Bachelor’s in Nonfiction Creative Writing and a master’s in health and science journalism. Erin connected with MADD a couple of months after her crash and is still friends with her Victim Advocate. Erin says that she was an invaluable resource throughout the criminal court process. Erin enjoys yearly “WALK LIKE MADD” events to raise money to help get
drunk drivers off the road and is looking forward to being a MADD National Ambassador.