Marc Benardout

Marc Benardout is a writer/producer/director whose career in the entertainment and advertising world spans over 37 years on both sides of the Atlantic. A creative entrepreneur, rainmaker and strategist, Marc has lived in Los Angeles since 1997 when he left his native home in London, England for the sunnier shores of California for his ‘American Dream’. Unfortunately that dream scenario became a nightmare when on the night of August 1st, 2019, his beautifully talented 24 year old son Noah was killed instantly by a speeding drunk driver, as Noah waited as a pedestrian to cross Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.


“That night, my entire family’s life was destroyed, upended and dramatically changed forever. Every parent’s nightmare of being woken up at 3am by two police officers to tell us our son has been tragically killed became a reality. From that moment onward the only way I could process my grief was to immerse myself into why and how this could have happened. I immediately set up a Foundation in Noah’s name to help in any which way to prevent this horror perpetuating for other parents and began working very closely with MADD. I am very honored and motivated to have been invited to the National Board to bring my conviction and determination as a victim to finally stop DUI tragedies forever in the honor of those that are no longer with us and for the legacy of my son, Noah.”