Katie Alvino
Chief Marketing Officer

Alvino brings a strong history of marketing experience and transformational leadership. She has dedicated her career to developing strong brands and building and coaching marketing individuals and teams.

Katie has a proven track record of bringing structure, process and strategy to marketing teams. Most notably, she led a complete modernization and centralization of marketing and communications at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. Then she kept a steady hand on the brand during the strong integration of those two iconic institutions and the refinement of an identifiable joint brand.

Katie can blend consumer insights and creative to uncover strong new brand directions. She has a wonderful ability to take beloved brands with devoted followings and make them relevant to new audiences.

Her professional career began at Daymon Worldwide/Kroger and SuperValu, where she worked in brand management and product launches. She then spent two tours at International Dairy Queen and Orange Julius, separated by time spent at Phillips Distilling Company. All of these roles gave her consumer-packaged goods experience. But more importantly, she gained hands-on experience working with, strengthening and sometimes reviving powerfully established brands.

In 2021 she was hired by the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University to serve as the institutions’ first joint chief marketing officer. She was the driving force in completely overhauling not only the marketing and communications functions within the two colleges, but also shifting the way marketing and branding are perceived, appreciated and understood.

Alvino holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing from Northern Kentucky University. She has also earned a master’s degree in leadership from Augsburg University. That involved study in areas like strategic communication strategies, crisis communication management, cultural competence and transformational leadership strategies.