Halloween Safety Tips

Getting spooky during Halloween is a fun time of year but it can also be a dangerous night. If you’re out trick or treating with the kids or dancing and winning costume contests, be careful out there. Don’t take any chances this year and follow this list to stay safe.

  1. Never Drink and Drive – Don’t ever drink and drive. Just don’t do it.
  2. Supervise – Be aware of your surroundings and of those around you. If you’re out with friends or chaperoning the kids, always be vigilant and be watchful.
  3. Check it First – Make sure you inspect candy, food, and drinks for tampering before eating. That goes for kids trick or treating or anyone out on the town.
  4. Watch Out – Masks can be dangerous and limit visibility. Always ensure you or anyone wearing a mask have clear vision.
  5. Stay on the Sidewalk – Be sure your group stays out of the road, and only crosses at approved locations.
  6. Know the Difference – Halloween pranks are fun but someone pays the price for vandalism. Recognize the difference and speak up if pranks go too far.
  7. Find a Ride – With all of the options to catch a ride, don’t endanger yourself or other drivers by driving drunk.
  8. Plan Ahead – Know your routes whether you’re riding or walking, know where you’re going and how.
  9. Set up Candles Safely – Don’t let flames get too spooky and start a blaze.
  10. Pay Caution to the Roads – With so many young kids out, make sure you’re watching for anyone darting out in the road.
  11. Respect the Road – No matter if you’re driving or walking, respect the rules of the road to make sure everyone has a safe Halloween evening.

These tips might seem obvious. But keeping them in mind could help you or someone else avoid an easily preventable accident.

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