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Guest Author – March 2024

A Message from Retired Sheriff John Whetsel
Be Your Department’s Leader

During my 50 years in law enforcement, I led by example. With a mission to save lives, I arrested impaired drivers, both as Chief of Police and as Sheriff.

Every impaired driver removed from the road is one less crash that will happen, one less person that will die. As a nation, America sadly accepts over 100 traffic fatalities in preventable crashes every day, of which about a third are a result of an impaired driver.

Throughout the years, impaired driving remains a crime that results in needless victims killed or injured by intentional criminal behavior. However, too often when officers do their job and arrest impaired drivers, charges are later reduced. That must end.

We can stop impaired driving, but it will take a team effort, including bold laws that treat impaired driving as the real crime it is – murder using a 4,000-pound weapon. It is about protecting those we love … those we serve. We know that MADD will continue to be a vital partner in our effort to save lives.

Editor’s note: reprinted from the MADD Impaired Driving Toolkit: A Law Enforcement Leaders’s Guide to Saving Lives. The toolkit can be found by Clicking Here, or at the QR Code.


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