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2. Have you represented the plaintiffs in personal injury or wrongful death cases involving drunk driving?*
4. Does your state have Dram Shop Liability? If “No,” please proceed to question 8.*
5. Have you represented the plaintiff in any suit involving Dram Shop Liability?*
8. Are you familiar with the rights of Crime Victims in your state?
11. Are you able to help a victim understand their rights throughout the justice process, restitution, compensation and victim impact?*
12. If a death has occurred, are you able to conduct probate court work?*
13. Are additional charges associated with probate court work?*
14. If you handle criminal cases, do you also defend persons accused of drunk driving or manslaughter/homicide involving drunk driving?*
15. Do you, or any attorney associated with you or your firm, represent insurance companies in personal injury cases?*
16. Do you, or any attorney associate with you or your firm, represent any businesses involved in the manufacture, distribution, sales or service of alcohol?*
17. Are you willing to take an occasional case pro-bono or at a reduced fee for economically disadvantaged victims?*
19. What are your fee requirements?*
20. Have you ever been disciplined or suspended by any Bar Associations in which you hold a membership?*
22. Would you like to receive communications from MADD?*

Mothers Against Drunk Driving does not guarantee or warrantee the work product of those attorneys listed in this directory. This list is comprised of attorneys who have provided information to MADD indicating that they are capable of handling drunk and/or drugged driving lawsuits on behalf of the victim. An attorney on this list may be removed at any time at MADD’s sole discretion. Rev. 10/17