A mother’s plea

By Theresa Martinez
Ashley’s mother
MADD drunk driving victim, advocate and volunteer

Some days you never, ever forget.

For me, one of those days is the one when my Ashley was born…all five pounds of her… three weeks early … and practically on my bathroom floor.

But it’s another day that has caused me to write to you today to ask you to donate to MADD.

The crash

One day years later, a drunk and drugged driver who was twice the legal alcohol limit with cocaine in his system crashed into my beautiful 23-year-old daughter head on.

My Ashley died of a severed brain stem; he suffered only a broken leg. And my life changed forever.

But my story doesn’t end there.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving® changed my life once more by helping me fight for justice AND battle my way through grief. And, today, I ask you to once more change my life and the life of the nearly 300,000 people impacted by impaired driving every single year by making a gift.

As a victim of drunk driving, I can tell you this truth – I needed MADD then and need them still today. I need the hope offered. I need the proposed SOLUTIONS.

Help me help others

Beside lifesaving emotional support, MADD gives me the opportunity to speak to offenders. I see it as a way to help them understand how their choices affect others.

I’ve also been on the forefront of fighting for laws that make our streets safer because I cannot stand the idea of others experiencing the devastation that I’ve lived through.

I will never “get over” the death of my daughter Ashley. But every day, you and I have the chance to create hope and healing. Thank you in advance for making your gift today.

Ashley cannot be home for the holidays.

I cannot change that.

But we can help others make it to the table.

Thank you in advance for your kind gift.


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