You have a voicemail

By Theresa Martinez

MADD victim, advocate and volunteer


I don’t forgive the driver who killed my beautiful, talented and loving 23-year-old daughter.

Maybe I should — some do — but I cannot.

In 15 years, he will go before the parole board – and, you better believe that I plan to be there.

The question is will you help me get justice?

If Mothers Against Drunk Driving® has taught me anything, it’s that justice must be demanded.

When you give a gift to MADD, especially during their current dollar-for-dollar match campaign, you give hope for more justice. You provide comfort. You make tomorrow better.

For the last five years, I’ve paid her cell phone bill to just be able to hear her voice. That’s all the drunk and drugged driver left me of her.

“Hey guys, This is Ashley. I cannot come to the phone right now. Leave me a message.” Listen for yourself and then make the decision to help keep Ashley’s memory alive.

In 2016, drunk driving killed 10,497 people – one person every 50 minutes – and forever changed the meaning of words like “normal” and “future” for more than 304,000 injury survivors.

That means we must change as well. We must demand more. So, today, I am a MADD volunteer, a donor, a Walk Like MADD participant and an advocate.

Will you join me? Change is scary, but social good doesn’t come easy. It’s earned.

Let’s bring more people home for the holidays this year!


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