Why We Walk: Omar Carrion

Omar Carrion was a happy child who had a great relationship with his extended family.

He grew up in Miami, was always a good student and started studying at FIU as soon as he graduated from high school. He had many academic passions but settled on Asian Studies, earning his diploma in 2007.

Omar had a meaningful experience in Japan teaching English where he continued to learn and make new friends. He enjoyed a career with J. Silny and Associates as a Foreign Credential advisor, but, in 2012, Omar left his job to pursue another passion: filmmaking and screenwriting. He made a few short films, was working on several exciting projects and helped create “Phyxius Pictures.”

Omar loved baseball and video games, but his joy came from his relationship with his family and close friends. He was fuAdd Newnny, happy, optimistic and deeply loved.

All of Omar’s hopes and dreams were destroyed when he was killed by a drunk and drugged driver on March 2, 2013. Omar was meeting friends at Tropical Park to play Ultimate Frisbee when life changed forever for his Mom, Hilda, his Dad, Fernando, his sister Tatiana and a group of lifelong friends.

The Carrion Family travel to Miami every year to attend Walk Like MADD/MADD Dash. There is always a team of Omar’s friends who attend and fondly honor and remember Omar. Hilda, Fernando and Tatiana Walk to raise awareness about DUI in hopes that no other family will have to endure the pain and grief they have. They feel a connection to the other families who gather to honor their loved ones as well. The Carrion family and friends feel like they are part of a team, something big! They Walk because they love Omar and because maybe they can stop just one person from driving under the influence.

We look forward to seeing the Carrion Family and friends at Miami Walk Like MADD/MADD Dash and hope this special time of coming together helps them feel strengthened.

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