Virginia Volunteer Spotlight- October 2021- Carter Hill

Carter Hill came to MADD after his son, Carter Hill Jr., was killed in an alcohol related crash in 1997.

After a night out at a bar with friends, Carter, Jr. worried that if he was caught driving, he would lose his CDL license for work. He made the all-too-common decision to give his car keys to a friend who had also been drinking that night. About a mile from home, they hit a tree. Carter Jr. was ejected and died.

Since that time Carter Sr. and his wife Linda have grown to be the backbone of MADD VA. Carter is the last remaining active volunteer of those from the late 90’s who built MADD VA. He established Victim Impact Panels across the state and has assisted countless victims as a victim advocate. He continues to volunteer as a spokesperson and victim presenter as needed, and he provides financial sponsorship of the Richmond WALK and the MADD Law Enforcement Awards ceremonies each year. Carter has a soft spot for law enforcement and feels strongly about recognizing and showing appreciation for their efforts to stop impaired driving.

Carter says he volunteers for MADD in hopes of keeping even one family from going through what his family has gone through since losing his son.