Ten Minutes Can Change Everything

Did you take a 10-minute break today? Maybe grab a cup of coffee, check your phone or gather around the metaphorical water cooler?

In 2016, in-car breathalyzers stopped nearly seven drunk driving attempts every 10 minutes — the time it takes for a short coffee break, according to our recently released ignition interlock report. Last year, in-car breathalyzers stopped a total of almost 1,000 attempts to join you on the road every day. That adds up to 348,727 prevented drunk driving attempts prevented in 2016.

That’s why we want to extend this protection. This is the last day to see your gift in support of all-offender ignition interlock laws DOUBLED up to $10,000 by a generous donor. That means if 5,000 people give just $5 each, we can more than meet the match.

Already, many people have stood up to demand this lifesaving device. Will you join them today?

We appreciate everything you do in support of MADD. Last year, we passed similar laws in three states and the District of Columbia, exceeding our goal! But we are still losing more than 10,000 people to drunk driving annually.

Will you help us meet our goal of 5,000 $5 gifts during this match campaign?

Ignition interlocks move us closer and closer to a future of No More Victims®. Please join us in demanding interlocks for all drunk drivers in all 50 states.

Everyone at MADD appreciates your support.

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