Stepping up to protect endangered children

The new year is underway with MADD focusing on Child Endangerment. When people choose to drink and drive and put a child in the car, they need to be held accountable in a way that is commensurate with the crime.

In January, Washington, D.C. was the site of a gathering of key players for a panel to determine how to create a comprehensive plan to address the dangers our children face. Organized by MADD Law Enforcement Liaison Ron Repogle, the panel featured judges, attorneys, researchers, physicians, and MADD staff members.

Former MADD Law Enforcement Liaison Carl McDonald shared a mission moment, the story of the drunk driving crash that killed his daughter Carlie. She was only three years old. Sadly, Carlie’s story is one of many such stories across the country.

By sharing, Carl inspired us to find ways to make a difference. The panel will continue to meet throughout the year to craft strong solutions that can become a template for states around the country. I will share our results with you as we move forward.

We must and we will do everything we can to remember the children we have lost, those who have been injured and those we can save. I am honored to be a part of this Child Endangerment Panel, and I look forward to our work together toward a day when there will be NO MORE VICTIMS®.

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