MADD SC Welcomes Karin Smith from MADD New Mexico

MADD South Carolina’s newest team member came across the country to join us, or rather back across the country. On April 24th, Karin Smith officially came on board as the Coastal Court Monitoring Specialist, which will be monitoring misdemeanor DUI cases in Horry, Berkeley, and Charleston Counties. Karin is not new to MADD; she is transferring from MADD New Mexico where she was a Court Monitoring Specialist. She chose Myrtle Beach as her new home.

“Finding out there was an internal candidate interested in our position was a surprise,” says MADD South Carolina Executive Director Steven Burritt. “But how lucky are we that we were able to bring on somehow who already knows MADD, knows court monitoring, and is excited about this new challenge!”

Karin is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, so this move brings her back closer to family. She first became interested in MADD because of a program in high school that left a lasting impression, especially as she had lost her grandfather to a drunk driving crash.

She first joined MADD New Mexico as a Victim Services Specialist but found the transition to court monitoring was a better fit and enjoys it very much. She is ready for the new challenge of delving into South Carolina’s DUI prosecution system in these coastal counties.

“I’m blessed to have a job I love with people I consider family,” Karin says.