MADD SC Reaches 5,000 Teenagers

MADD SC is happy to report that our underage drinking prevention programs are going great.  Our program specialist, Ashley Merrick, has been busy the past couple of months sharing our MADD message and encouraging students to be alcohol free under 21. Her hard work is evident because we are proud to announce that MADD SC has officially reached over 5,000 teenagers sharing this message of underage drinking prevention.

With it being prom season Ashley had the opportunity to participate in prom promise events at various high schools across the state in places such as Charleston, Saluda, Newberry, Summerton, and more.  During these events Ashley shared our Power of Youth presentation to students preparing to attend prom and encouraged those students to have a safe fun prom by making good choices and making the commitment to be alcohol free under 21.

In addition to this month being filled with prom activities and reaching milestones.  We were able to get a mayoral proclamation from Mayor Steve Benjamin proclaiming April 21st “Power Talk 21” day.  Power Talk 21 is the national day we encourage parents to talk with their teenager about alcohol.   While this past month has been successful and we have done great things.  We are still continuing to share our mission and underage drinking prevention messages to transform our communities.  If you would like a no charge parent or student presentation please call Ashley Merrick at 803.748.7333 x5254 or email at [email protected].