Lisa Marie Sessions

Shared by  Cindy and Joe Bass, parents of Lisa Marie Sessions of Florence County, SC.  Lisa’s parents share with us their Victim Impact Statements read at the sentencing of man who hit their daughter head-on on a Sunday morning while under the influence of illegal drugs.  Lisa was a single mother traveling in between two of the three jobs she held in order to support her son Jonathan, the love of her life.

Cindy’s Statement:

I’ll start by saying Lisa was loved by so many and is dearly missed. Lisa was a survivor she fought many battles in her short life. She overcome stage 4 childhood cancer, domestic violence and being a single mother, all with a smile on her face. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. I struggle to get out of bed every morning. I keep hearing Lisa call me “Mom, Mom”. Our family has spent the last 24 months and 28 days trying to wrap our minds around this. The recklessness of Mr. Hudson has taken the life out of us. He has given us a life sentence of unbearable pain. Our remaining children lost their sister but most importantly our grandson has lost his mother, his only parent. I wait every morning praying I get my morning call or text from Lisa saying “I love you mom” as I go to a psychologist to help me cope with this painful way of life we have been dealt. As we gather on holidays and her birthday we see an empty chair. As we go to a grave and pray she hears us. My life that I once knew is gone forever. Mr. Hudson took my life when he killed my baby! Life for me now consists of medication and doctors’ appointments. Your honor I ask you to please save another family from this awful nightmare and sentence him to the maximum possible.

Joe’s Statement:

Let me start by saying Lisa was loved beyond measure. How does a father bury his child without hurting over and over again? This should not have happened. I have struggled in my mind and heart to find effective and adequate words to describe how this crime has changed my life and the lives of our family following the sudden, senseless and tragic death of my daughter Lisa Marie. Because the defendant Mr. Hudson chose to disregard the law and operated a vehicle under the influence of drugs with his cousin hitting Lisa head on causing her death. Our entire family has become victims to Mr. Hudson. Watching Lisa grow into such a beautiful young lady was a privilege for me. She was loved by many and she loved her family but most importantly she loved her son who is now without a parent.


Every moment of every day since her death has been full of anguish and unrelenting sorrow. Her death leaves so many hopes and dreams unfulfilled. While Mr. Hudson can enjoy holidays and birthdays with his family our family looks at an empty chair. We all realize our friends feel our pain and struggle to help us deal with it. However they try there is an ever present all-consuming feeling of sorrow and emptiness, a void left in our life. My thoughtful, caring, loving daughter was cruelly taken away from us and so many that loved her. Her ever present smile and shining eyes are a memory left to cherish. I ask your honor to please sentence Mr. Hudson to the max for he took our heart when he killed my daughter. Please save another family from living this nightmare

The offender plead guilty to killing Lisa and was sentenced to 10 years.