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Renowned Sports Broadcaster Lindsay Czarniak Joins MADD Sports Advisory Board to Champion Personal Wellness and Accountability in the Fight Against Impaired Driving

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[Irving, Texas] – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) proudly announces the addition of Lindsay Czarniak, an esteemed sports broadcaster and advocate for social causes, to its esteemed MADD Sports Advisory Board. Czarniak’s deep commitment to personal wellness and accountability aligns seamlessly with MADD Sports’ mission to end impaired driving and promote safer communities.

As a prominent figure in the sports broadcasting industry, Lindsay Czarniak brings a wealth of experience and passion for social responsibility to MADD Sports. Her role on the Advisory Board will focus on leveraging sports platforms to raise awareness about the dangers of impaired driving and the importance of making responsible choices.

I am honored and excited to join MADD Sports in their crucial mission to end impaired driving,” said Lindsay Czarniak. “Sports have the power to inspire positive change. I look forward to working with MADD Sports to promote personal wellness, accountability, and safe decision-making among athletes, fans, and communities.”

MADD Sports leverages the influence of sports figures and athletes to raise awareness, promote safe choices, and advocate for more robust measures against impaired driving.

Czarniak’s involvement with MADD Sports comes at a pivotal time. The organization is intensifying efforts to address impaired driving through education, advocacy, and support for affected individuals and families. By collaborating with sports influencers like Czarniak, MADD Sports aims to amplify its message and drive meaningful action toward a future free from the devastating consequences of impaired driving.

“We are thrilled to welcome Lindsay Czarniak to the MADD Sports Advisory Board,” said MADD CEO Stacey D. Stewart. “Her dedication to promoting personal wellness and accountability will undoubtedly inspire positive change and help us advance our mission of creating safer roads and communities for everyone.”

Please contact [email protected] for media inquiries or interviews with Lindsay Czarniak or Stacey Stewart.

About MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending drunk driving, supporting victims of impaired driving crashes, and preventing underage drinking. Since 1980, MADD has worked tirelessly to save lives and create a future with no more victims. By working in collaboration with law enforcement to end underage drinking and all drunk and drugged driving, MADD has helped reduce drunk driving deaths by more than 50%, saving more than 400,000 lives. The organization is a vocal advocate for stricter sentencing, new laws, and new technology, including implementing the HALT Drunk Driving Act. MADD also has provided supportive services to nearly one million victims of drunk and drugged driving at no charge through local victim advocates and its 24-Hour Victim Help Line 1-877-MADD-HELP. For more information or to donate, visit us at https://madd.org/ and follow MADD on FacebookInstagramTwitterTikTokLinkedIn, and YouTube.

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