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MADD Welcomes White House Nomination of Steven Cliff for U.S. Road Safety Agency Administrator

Pledges to work with NHTSA Administrator nominee to eliminate drunk driving

WASHINGTON – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) commends President Joe Biden today on his announced intent to nominate Dr. Steven Cliff for Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Dr. Cliff has served as NHTSA’s Deputy Administrator since February 2021.

Additionally, Dr. Missy Cummings, a Duke University professor of engineering, is being named the new Senior Advisor for Safety at NHTSA.

Below is a statement from MADD National President Alex Otte:

“MADD thanks the President for nominating Steven Cliff as NHTSA Administrator. We look forward to continuing our work with Dr. Cliff in his new leadership post at a time when aggressive action is needed to address the rise in deaths on our roadways.

“We also appreciate the choice of Missy Cummings as Senior Advisor for Safety at NHTSA and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with her on mission-focused policies and programs.

“The pending Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act contains an ‘Advanced Impaired Driving Technology’ section that instructs NHTSA to establish a new federal safety standard to equip all new cars with state-of-the art technology to eliminate drunk driving.

“Technology is the key to ending America’s drunk driving tragedy. Passage of the infrastructure bill will be the long-needed catalyst to deploy proven, lifesaving technologies that, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, will save 9,400 lives each year. Having a confirmed Administrator and a new Senior Advisor for Safety leading this effort is crucial to the success of this work.”

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